GearingUp_LogoTim and I are preparing ourselves–in mind and heart–for what we’re praying will be either an introduction for some or a healthy refresher course for those with some background in the essentials of the Christian faith.  We’ll have copies of the Confession on the first day together, but if you’d like to begin reading the Confession now to prepare yourself, feel free to drop by the bookstore and get you a copy. You might also have a look through the various commentaries on the Confession.  We’ll appeal to G.I. Williamson’s commentary due to its brevity and completeness, but R.C. Sproul’s commentary may even be more helpful, despite it’s multi-volume length.

Ground School, while having the Confession as its primary content, aims to be more than a class on Reformed theology.  We pray it will become a truly confessional community–where what we consider informs how we live and love, one another and this world.  If you will, pray for this, and for us.  “Unless the Lord builds it, the laborers labor in vain”–Psalm 127