1432944_35975_ac0015ce78_pThis week we’ll consider what the Confession has to say about the eternal decree of God–that is, to what extent is God sovereign over the affairs of history (specifically with respect  to salvation in this chapter). We’ll find that there is no limit to that sovereignty, which at first glance might seem problematic–especially for people like us who prefer to think of destinies as more in our hands than someone else’s.

Therefore it might do us all good to “warm up” by reading Romans 9 before we gather Sunday (or Wednesday). Paul lays out several of the themes WCF III addresses. He also demonstrates the kind of attitude one must adopt in handling these doctrines–like what section 8 in this chapter refers to as “prudence and care.”

So have a look at Romans 9 in advance. Ponder it’s teaching. Consider the implications for life and ministry. Especially consider it’s implications for how you think of your own salvation.

Oh, and pray.