Perhaps the time Sunday left you with more questions than answers about the extent to which God is sovereign over the affairs of people.  We live with a hope in an unseen hand guidingvision-of-ezekieland directing our every move, but we sometimes feel like we’re walking a quite unsupervised path.  Can God really know all things and direct all things in such a way that we don’t become mere puppets in some play?

Kevin De Young, whose blog I heartily recommend you bookmarking, takes a few moments to summarize (with greater alacrity than I did last week) how God exercises sovereign control over a reality in which human beings retain a kind of freedom to exert their wills.  He handles the matter deftly in a winsome way–complete with Eggo waffles!

Even if you feel like it’s a futile enterprise to try to get even a basic sense of His sovereignty, this brief essay will help you at least understand the contours of the debate.

and if you’re interest is stoked by those words, here’s a few more from him on the subject.