We’re seven chapters into the Confession so far.  Perhaps all the information has left you a bit overwhelmed.  We’d quoted Sinclair Ferguson at the outset who said studying the Confession was like donning some “velcro strips” of basic theological categories upon which you can hang the thoughts of all the sermons and lessons you hear henceforth.

Instead of accuring velcro strips, perhaps you feel more like you’ve encountered fly paper, and you’re the fly!

Shorter Catechism


How to begin to take all we’ve considered so far and begin to assemble it into a coherent whole?  You might be surprised (and grateful) to learn that the Divines anticipated yours and my distress.  Consider the Shorter Catechism.  It summarizes the salient points of the  Confession and provides a simple way of memorizing them.

We’ve mentioned the value of memorizing the Shorter Catechism before.  Here’s one more advocate for putting yourself through its paces–B.B. Warfield, the esteemed theologian of Princeton University.  Listen to his rationale for making the Catechism your own, and then perhaps turn your attention there.