Hello, friends.  Happy New Year to you!

We’re back in session this Sunday, Jan. 10, at 11am to consider what it means to be effectually called by God.  You may remember us speaking of the “Ordo Salutis”–the “order of salvation”–in previous weeks.  Though salvation is decreed before the foundations of the earth, it’s actual application to us begins with His call of us by His Spirit.

So we’ll try to understand what the nature of the call is and what effect it is designed to have.

For some the calling dawns more gradually; for others there’s a moment of intense realization of the goodness of Christ.

Hope to see you Sunday, or Wednesday as the case may be.  (To our Wednesday night attenders, if you haven’t already, have a listen to the lesson on Ch. IX–free will–before coming on Wednesday the 13th.  The audio is in the preceding blog post.)