It’s been several weeks since we considered what the Divines believed about human origins.  Remember chapter 4: On Creation?

You likely remember the variety of reasonable interpretations of what Genesis 1-2 is trying to tell us.  Faithful, insightful, humble people offer different perspectives on what happened in the formation of what is (and when that took place).  We’ve mentioned in passing both Dr Stephen Meyer (who spoke here a couple months back) and Dr Francis Collins (the recently appointed head of the NIH).

Tim Keller has written an introductory piece on the attempts to reconcile science with faith, though his discussion is focused on what to make of Genesis 1-2 in light of evolutionary theory. Inevitably such a discussion requires a larger consideration on the nature and authority of Scripture–a matter the divines took up, as you remember, in the very first chapter of the Confession.

Anyway, we commend Keller’s brief article to you.  It raises many of the questions I’ve wrestled with for some time and offers some thoughtful preliminary responses.