Good morning, friends

Here are the two links I mentioned yesterday. (For you who are new to blogs, click on the underlined text.

The first is the Creation Study Report the PCA ratified a little more than a decade ago.  It le

ngth might behoove you to consider their conclusions first and then go back to see the argumentation behind them.

The second is the article by Robert Letham, cataloguing the creation views of a great many of the most notable theologians in church history.  It’s easy to get lost in some of the details, but Letham does, in my opinion, a good job of helping us to see the overall significance of their various interpretations.

Thanks again for your kind attention to the lengthy and fast-paced lesson yesterday.

Now, as I said at the end, Tim and I would welcome your honest questions and perceptions here on the blog.  Consider it like an open forum with the freedom to ask and comment as you see fit.  So, post a comment or question by clicking on that link at the top right of this post. Oh, and feel free to respond to others’ insights, too!