Jason Helopoulous was an intern here at PCPC several years ago and shortly thereafter became a church planter in Michigan.  He’s also a good friend.

He’s been standing in for Kevin DeYoung, a blogger to whom I’ve pointed you on occasion.  This week he writes about the renewed conversation–sometimes with mildly raised voices–concerning the relationship between our justification and sanctification. Or to put it in less abstract terms, the relationship between God’s declaring us His own and our growth in godliness. For the next two weeks, Tim and I will unpack what the Divines had to say about true saving faith (Ch. 14) and sanctification (Chs 12, 13). [We’re departing from the Confession’s ordering due to a scheduling change Tim and I had to make.]

Have a look at those three chapters in the Confession and then consider Jason’s summary of the recent dustup.  How do justification and sanctification relate?  How are they, as I heard in seminary, “distinct but inseparable” notions?

The Missing Factor in the Justification & Sanctification Discussion.