About this Community

The Westminster Confession of Faith stands as a foundational summary of Reformed theology and as the bedrock for our denomination’s understanding of what the Scriptures principally teach.


Ground School will have the Confession as its primary subject, and is so named for two reasons.  It will seek to explore the ground of our faith, life, and ministry with the Confession’s articulation of the Scripture as our guide.  But just as those learning to fly submit to a season of preliminary training on the ground, Ground School seeks not just to explain what the Westminster Divines taught, but to form a community around that teaching so that, like Elijah, we might become rightly jealous for the Lord (1 Ki 19:10).  Then we shall “mount up with wings like eagles” (Is 40:31) because we’ve tasted and seen the Lord is good (Ps 34:8).  By the end of the nine months together, it is our prayer that we, the priesthood of all believers (1 Pet 2:9), might be better equipped to fulfill that mandate in our church and wherever the Lord has providentially placed us.

Because some of those interested in being part of this little “expedition” through the Confession might already be well invested in Sunday Morning responsibilities, we’ll convene on Sundays at 11am and then repeat the same material on Wednesdays during Midweek from 6:45-8p.  Both sessions will be held in Oak Lawn West.


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